Regional Daily News News 20 Latest News Articles 2014-09-02T11:47:14Z WKEI Open Line WKEI Open Line for Tuesday, September 2   [audio:92oline.mp3]Open Line[/audio]     Bob McKee 2014-09-02T05:00:00Z Quinn Acts On More Clemency Petitions Governor Pat Quinn is whittling down the backlog of clemency petitions left behind by former Governor Rod Blagojevich.  Quinn has granted 38 more petitions, while rejecting 86.  That means that including the 25-hundred cases built up during... 2014-09-02T05:00:00Z Treasurer Announces Another Unclaimed Property Auction Broaches, jewelry, and stamp collections are just some of the items that Illinois State Treasurer Dan Rutherford is offering in the next Online Unclaimed Property Auction. Nearly 55-hundred items will hit the auction block next Monday at 10:00a.m.&nb... 2014-09-02T05:00:00Z Wrapping Up Hog Days Weekend The 61st Annual Kewanee Hog Days wrapped up Monday afternoon. Festival co-chairperson Larry Flannery says....  [audio:sep2larry1.mp3]Larry Flannery 1[/audio] Flannery says left over product will be available today with lots of options... ... 2014-09-02T05:00:00Z Parents Have Options For Giving Up Newborn Babies Police officers are reminding parents that there's a safe way to hand-off their newborn baby if they don't want to care for it.   The state's Safe Haven Law allows parents to leave kids up to 30-days-old with police, fire, or medical offici... 2014-09-02T05:00:00Z State Accepting Medical Marijuana Apps The state is now accepting medical marijuana applications from patients whose last names begin with A through L.  Those who are planning to apply will need to have a prescription from their doctor.  They'll also need to get a background che... 2014-09-02T05:00:00Z Senator Durbin Endorsed By AFL-CIO U.S. Senator Dick Durbin has the support of one of the largest labor unions.  He received the endorsement of the AFL-CIO in Springfield on Sunday.  Union reps say their decision was a no brainer.  They selected incumbent Durbin over Re... 2014-09-01T05:00:00Z Quincy Attorney Accused Of Murder A high profile attorney and former school board member in Quincy are being charged with murder.  Curtis Lovelace is accused of killing his wife back in 2006. The case had been closed after an original autopsy ruled the cause of death was undeter... 2014-09-01T05:00:00Z Baby Found Alive In Dumpster Police in Jacksonville are trying to find out who dumped a newborn baby in a trash bin.  The baby was found alive early Saturday morning, less than 12-hours after it was born.  No word on whether it was a boy or a girl but officials say the... 2014-09-01T05:00:00Z Oberweis Closing Gap On Durbin It looks like U.S. Senator Dick Durbin may have a fight on his hands.  A new poll reveals his GOP contender Jim Oberweis is closing the gap on him.  "We Ask America" asked just over a-thousand people to who they'd be voting for in November.... 2014-09-01T05:00:00Z Quinn Living On Minimum Wage Governor Quinn is on a very tight budget this week.  He's planning to live on just 79-dollars until Saturday.  That's the estimated amount that minimum wage workers have left over once they pay taxes, rent, and the cost of transportation.&n... 2014-09-01T05:00:00Z Are Cell Phones Safe? The CDC Changes Its Mind The federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention became the first federal agency to acknowledge health risks from cell-phone use - but then suddenly backtracked.Sometime before early June, the CDC posted significant new wording in a "Frequently... 2014-09-01T05:00:00Z Kewanee Power Outage Leaves More than a Thousand without Electricity A witness on site of the outage says that a tree limb fell on a power line in the area of Midland Avenue, near Wondmont Park. The tree limb knocked out a power line which is now being repaired. Spokespeople for Ameren IP claims power should be restor... 2014-08-29T05:00:00Z Hog Days Parade Grand Marshall Dave Clarke One of the  big events of the Hog Festival Weekend of course is the parade that stats at 2 Pm on Saturday afternoon. The Grand Marshall for this year's parade is Dave Clarke of Kewanee who course has been a long time reporter and journalist with... 2014-08-29T05:00:00Z Labor Day Means Schedule Changes Labor Day will be observed on Monday and that will lead to some schedule changes. In Kewanee, City Hall and the transfer station will be closed for the day. There will be no landscape waste pick up on Monday, however there will be no change to the ga... 2014-08-29T05:00:00Z Kewanee Woman Arrested at Henry County Sheriff's Office Henry County Sheriff's Deputies made an arrest at the Sheriff's Office on Wednesday morning. 18 year old Sierra Quinn of Kewanee was charged with Possession of Stolen Property and was taken to the Henry County Jail. No other details have been made av... 2014-08-28T05:00:00Z Henry County Sheriff on People to People Henry County Sheriff Jim Padilla talks about the recent string of burglaries during the August 28th edition of People to People on WKEI    [audio:828henrycountysheriff.mp3]Sheriff Padilla[/audio] Bob McKee 2014-08-28T05:00:00Z WKEI Open Line WKEI Open Line for August 28   [audio:828oline.mp3]WKEI Open Line[/audio] Bob McKee 2014-08-28T05:00:00Z Kewanee Public Library on Tuned IN KPL Children's Librarian Sarah Billiet discusses various programs during the August 28th edition of Tuned IN on WKEI   [audio:828kpl.mp3]Sarah Billiet[/audio]   Bob McKee 2014-08-28T05:00:00Z Galesburg Teacher Strike Tentatively Over Teachers in Galesburg are putting their picket signs away for now.  They've reached a tentative contract agreement with the District 205 School Board.  The two sides met behind closed doors last night and didn't come out until about 3:00 th... 2014-08-28T05:00:00Z