Regional Daily News News 20 Latest News Articles 2014-07-22T02:13:24Z Atkinson Boil Order Has Been Lifted The Boil Order for the Village of Atkinson has been lifted. Representatives of the Village contacted at 11 Am this morning to break the news. Again, the Boil Order initiated on Monday for the Village of Atkinson has now been lifted. 2014-07-22T05:00:00Z Kewanee Supt of Schools on People to People Kewanee District #229 Supt of Schools Dr. Chris Sullens talks about the upcoming school year during the July 22nd edition of People to People on WKEI &nbsp; [audio:722kewaneesuptofschools.mp3]Dr. Chris Sullens[/audio] &nbsp; &nbsp; Bob McKee 2014-07-22T05:00:00Z WKEI Open Line WKEI Open Line for July 22 &nbsp; [audio:722oline.mp3]Open Line[/audio] Bob McKee 2014-07-22T05:00:00Z Sheriff's Department Investigates Accident &nbsp; The Henry County Sheriff&rsquo;s Department investigated a two car accident on Monday evening on Route 91 approximately two miles east of Route 78. A west bound vehicle driven by 51 year old Donald Wirth of Kewanee slowed down and attempted ... Bob McKee 2014-07-22T05:00:00Z Henry County Sheriff Padilla on How Crime Information is Shared with the Public A recent shooting incident in Geneseo left two people dead and that is a tragedy that remains under investigation. For law enforcement personnel that responded to that matter, it was a classic situation that pitted an emergency response against a cur... 2014-07-22T05:00:00Z Representative Moffitt Working to Clarify IPSAN Statewide Jurisdiction Legislation sponsored by State Representative Don Moffitt dealing with the State of Illinois Emergency Network has been signed into law. HB5864 clarifies that the Illinois Public Safety Agency Network Act, IPSAN, is an entity with statewide jurisdict... 2014-07-22T05:00:00Z Village of Atkinson Under Boil Order Till Further Notice The Village of Atkinson is under a boil order until further notice. The notice was sent to residents on Monday with no word on why the boil order was necessary. Stay tuned to Regional Media stations and check in here at for deta... 2014-07-22T05:00:00Z Concealed Carry Applications Back To Review Board More than 200-people are suing the state since they were denied the right to carry a gun in public.&nbsp; Now, Attorney General Lisa Madigan wants to give their applications a second look, just to make sure the rejections are valid.&nbsp; She&rsquo;s... 2014-07-22T05:00:00Z Rauner Open To Higher Income Tax Rate There&rsquo;s talk that Bruce Rauner is open to keeping a higher income tax rate in place.&nbsp; The GOP candidate for governor has been campaigning on the idea of rolling the rate back from five-percent to three-percent, but he admits that can&rsquo... 2014-07-22T05:00:00Z Report: Positive and Troubling Trends of Child Well-Being in Illinois An annual state-by-state snapshot of child well-being finds both good and bad news in Illinois.According to the&nbsp;2014 edition of the national Kids Count Data Book, Illinois has seen improvements over the last decade in the teen birth rate, as wel... 2014-07-22T05:00:00Z Henry County Health Department on People to People RaeAnn Tucker, Director of Health Promotions with the Henry and Stark County Health Departments talks about heat safety during the July 21st edition of People to People on WKEI&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp; [audio:721healthdept.mp3]RaeAnn Tucker[/... Bob McKee 2014-07-21T05:00:00Z WKEI Open Line WKEI Open Line for July 21 &nbsp; [audio:721oline.mp3]Open Line[/audio] &nbsp; Bob McKee 2014-07-21T05:00:00Z OSF on Tuned IN OSF St Luke Medical Center Marketing Director Carrie Boelens offered several announcements and Jackie Kernan, Director of Surgical Services talks about the Swing Bed Department during the July 21st edition of Tuned IN on WKEI&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;... Bob McKee 2014-07-21T05:00:00Z Cheri Bustos in Kewanee 17th Congressional District Representative Cheri Bustos was in Kewanee on Saturday afternoon for a meat and greet session with Henry County Democrats. Ms. Bustos also stopped by for a visit at the Regional Media Center in downtown Kewanee during the... Bob McKee 2014-07-21T05:00:00Z Kewanee YMCA Celebrating Successful First Color Fun Prairie Run <a href=";id=136247" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" align="left" style="padding:10px"></a>The first Kewanee YMCA Color Fun Run was a major successs. The run, part of the Prairie Chicken Festival weekend in Kewanee, welcomed more than 100 runners who were then covered in color by volunteers as they ran through the streets of Kewanee. The p... 2014-07-20T05:00:00Z Reminder: Don't Leave Kids In Hot Cars We're hearing more and more about kids being left in hot cars but health experts are reminding parents that it can be extremely dangerous, even on an overcast day.&nbsp; They say the glass in your vehicle acts as a greenhouse, warming temperatures in... 2014-07-20T05:00:00Z Study: Cut Crop Waste, Feed Three Billion Cutting crop waste in just a few places could feed three billion more people.&nbsp; Feeding the world's population has been a challenge worldwide.&nbsp; Researchers with the University of Minnesota say cutting beef consumption would help.&nbsp; They ... 2014-07-20T05:00:00Z HIV Rate Down By A Third In U.S. The number of people being diagnosed with HIV in the U.S. is going down.&nbsp; Researchers say while fewer people are being diagnosed with the virus that causes AIDS, gay and bisexual men of certain age groujps are still the most likely to be infecte... 2014-07-20T05:00:00Z Hollywood Vet James Garner Dead At 86 Veteran TV and film star James Garner has died.&nbsp; Garner, the star of TV classics such as "The Rockford Files" and "Maverick," passed away at his home in Los Angeles Saturday.&nbsp; He was 86.&nbsp; TMZ quotes law enforcement sources who say Garn... 2014-07-20T05:00:00Z Kewanee YMCA Color Fun Run Saturday Morning The Kewanee YMCA Color Fun Run is happening Saturday morning at 8 Am as part of the Prairie Chicken Festiva;. The Color Fun Run involves running and getting some color, literally. Kim Walls with the Kewanee YMCA spoke with our Sean Patrick about what... 2014-07-18T05:00:00Z