Monday, October 20th Trading Post | Regional Daily News Monday, October 20th Trading Post 2014-10-22T10:23:18Z Monday, October 20th Trading Post For Sale: House for Sale. Call 309-852-0770 Seeking: Work as a Handyman or buying selling and trading antique fishing equipment. Call 309-852-2438 Seeking: Work Hauling Scrap. Call 309-854-1445 For Sale: Dinette Set w/6 chairs, Baby Bassinette. Call 309-854-2060 For Sale: Dolphin Figurines and Pictures, Movies, and 2 Space Heaters. Call 309-740-5864 For Sale: Fire Pit, 4 Piece Drumset, Pot Bellied Stove. Call 309-854-9621 For Sale: 4 Air Conditioners, 73 Inch Big Screen TV w/Stand, Seeking parts for 2002 Chevy Truck. Call 309-854-7002 Seeking: Electric Lift Chair. Call 309-883-5884 For Sale: 1992 GMC Conversion Van. Call 309-853-5161 For Sale: Homemade Wisconsin Engine. Call 309-525-7791   Post Regional Daily News 2014-10-22T15:23:18Z