Tuesday, July 22nd Trading Post | Regional Daily News http://www.regionaldailynews.com/pages/index.cfm?id=102 Tuesday, July 22nd Trading Post 2014-07-24T04:43:37Z Tuesday, July 22nd Trading Post For Sale: Full Motion Cardio Glide Exercise Machine call 309-853-5928 Giving Away: Truck Topper 309-856-7070 Giving Away: Pieces of a Broken Lawn Mower 309-852-2996 Seeking: Cymbals for a Drum Set. Call 309-854-9621 Seeking: Work cleaning homes and lawn care work. Call 309-312-1342 For Sale: 52 inch TV, 4 foot round Glass Table, Working Ringer Washer. Call 309-883-0859 For Sale: Punch Bowl, Spoon and Cups. Call 309-288-3530 For Sale: King Size Bed, Changing Table. Call 309-883-3311 Seeking: Work Hauling Away Scap, Taking Items to the Transfer Station. Call 309-854-1445 Seeking: Riding Lawn Mower. Call 309-854-1445 Seeking: Used Utility Trailer 10 to 14 feet in length. Call 309-852-5181 For Sale: Collectible Eagle Clock. Call 309-312-1342 For Sale: Patio Furniture Set including Glass Top Table, 6 Chairs, and Umbrella. Call 309-594-4124 For Sale: 2000 Dodge Caravan, Does Not Run. Call 309-462-5791 Seeking: Work Hauling Away Large Items, Appliances, Cars Etc. Call 309-883-5134 For Sale: Old Rocking Chairs. Call 309-883-6942 For Sale: 4x8 Insulation Panels, House Doors, TV for Giveaway. Call 309-852-0770 Seeking: Work fixing exterior or interiors of homes, painting exterior or interiors of homes, fixing old fishing items. Call 309-852-2438 For Sale: VCR Tapes. Call 309-883-6942 Regional Daily News 2014-07-24T21:43:37Z http://www.regionaldailynews.com/pages/index.cfm?id=102