Friday, May 8th Trading Post | Regional Daily News Friday, May 8th Trading Post 2015-07-05T07:55:45Z Friday, May 8th Trading Post For Sale: Snow Blower. Call 309-883-5934 Seeking: Work Repairing Lawnmowers and performing minor welding jobs 309-312-1599 Seeking: Work Hauling Scrap. Call 309-854-1445 Seeking: Work as a Handyman 309-852-2438 For Sale: Morel Mushrooms. 309-525-4888 For Sale: Patio Glide Swing, Wrought Iron Table with chairs, Oak Round Table. Call 309-852-4350 For Sale: New Wave Stove Top. Call 309-8835134 For Sale: Pressure Washer. 309-854-3608 For Sale: Honey Collection Equipment 309-525-0008 Multi-family Sale at 600 North Lexington Avenue in Kewanee on Saturday, May 9th from 8 Am to 2 Pm Regional Daily News 2015-07-05T12:55:45Z