Friday, September 19th Trading Post | Regional Daily News Friday, September 19th Trading Post 2014-12-18T09:26:17Z Friday, September 19th Trading Post Haul scarp, appliances and buy a.c’s 853-2995 For sale a 17 ft bass boat 853-7780 For free a bathroom vanity 896-3050 Looking for an exercise bike 853-5562 Yard sale tomorrow at 633 edwards st Found a lost garage door opener for info call 525-1231 A 1 bedroom house for rent 385-4470 For sale a wood burning furnace 883-5963 Looking for an apartment size washer 853-5404 For sale 3 volt meters and 4 14 in pipe wrench 429-9276 Looking for motor scooter 525-2797 Willing to do interior and exterior work also will buy, sell, and trade fishing equipment 852-2438 Air conditioner for sale 852-3808 For sale a 10 in 15 amp saw 920-296-9305 2 bedroom house for sale 852-0770 Regional Daily News 2014-12-18T14:26:17Z