Wednesday, August 6th | Regional Daily News Wednesday, August 6th 2014-08-20T09:37:23Z Wednesday, August 6th For Sale: George Foreman Grill, New Kitchen Cabinets, Depends Undergarments. Call 309-883-2386 For Sale 42 inch Sanyo TV. Call 309-340-0780 For Sale: 6 Piece Patio Set with 4 Chairs and Umbrella,   Seeking: Work Picking up Scrap. Call 309-854-1445   For Sale: Portable Storage Facility, CB's and CB Antenna's    For Sale: Left Handed Matthews Hunting Bow. Call 309-883-1100    For Sale: Yellow Squash. Call 309-853-5925   Seeking: Used Scanner. Call 309-853-5404   Seeking: Mechanic to Repair Riding Lawn Mower. Call 309-852-3630   For Sale: 3 Gallon Fish Tank, 90 Gallon Goldfish Artificial Pond. Call 309-853-5466   Seeking: Adult Life Jackets. Call 309-525-0979   For Sale: Seasoned Firewood. Call 309-883-1100   Seeking: Work Hauling Scrap. Call 309-853-2995   For Sale: John Deere Lawn Tractor Weights. Call 309-944-7018   Seeking: Outside Spindle for Mower Deck on Dixon 429 Riding Lawn Mower. Call 309-883-5134   For Sale: Computer Desk. Call 309-231-4586   For Trade: Woman's Horse Jacket in exchange for a Record Player with Records    Seeking: Frame for a Swinget. Call 309-853-9571   For Sale: Sofa Hide-A-Bed, Queen Ann Chair, Bed Frame with Mattress and Box Spring. Call 309-883-2401   For Sale: Sheets of Insulation and House Doors. Giving Away a TV. Call 309-852-0770     Regional Daily News 2014-08-20T14:37:23Z