Advertise With Us | Regional Daily News Advertise With Us 2015-12-01T05:46:05Z Advertise With Us Marketing and Advertising with regional media.  At regional media, our company is built on consulting with local and national businesses in their marketing and advertising activities. Various advertising bureaus in the media landscape certify each member on my consulting staff. In addition to numerous certifications, all of our consutlant staff extensive business ownership, and/or executive management experience, my group advises many clients on all of their media activity. At Regional Media, our team works with local and national businesses in an effort to maintain the highest possible return on the investment made with any marketing and advertising activities. Regional Media consist of (5) Radio signals, 3 community media center websites, 2 mobile device websites covering Bureau, Henry, Rock Island, Stark, and portions of Knox county in addition to Scott County Iowa.   The regional media team:  Fletcher M. Ford – Executive Fletcher’s first entry into mainstream small business marketing came through the startup of his first small business some years ago. After starting up more than 25 retail locations, 15 business to business offices, and various other small business and real estate companies, Fletcher gained a strong respect for local small business and how the role they played is instrumental in the success of area local communities overall.     Regional Daily News 2015-12-01T22:46:05Z