Save A Lot Kewanee Specials | Regional Daily News Save A Lot Kewanee Specials 2014-04-23T03:27:08Z Save A Lot Kewanee Specials Prices Good Through Sunday, April 13th, 2014 Or While Supplies Last   USDA Choice Eye of Round Roast    $3.39/ lb. Shanner’s Chicken Tenders or Boneless Skinless Breasts   $5.99/3 lb. bag Cap’n Crunch Cereal Original, Crunch Berries, or Peanut Butter   $1.99/12.5-14 oz. box Maxwell House Coffee Bonus Size   $6.99/36.8 oz. can Sugardale Shank Portion Ham     $1.19 /lb. Beef T-Bone Steaks Family Pack   $6.99/ lb. Pepsi Products Assorted Varieties   3 For $11   12 Packs/12 oz. cans   Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast     $1.99/ lb. Kitchen Cooked Potato Chips   2 For $4.50/10 oz. bags Coburn Farms Evaporated Milk   79 cents/12 oz. can Portmann’s Salad Dressing Assorted Varieties   $1.29/16 oz. bottle Wylwood Mushroom Pieces and Stems   59 cents/4 oz. can Shelby’s Grove Mandarin Oranges   59 cents/11 oz. can Tipton Grove Apple Sauce  Assorted Varieties   $1.49/24 oz. jar Panner Peanut Butter Creamy or Chunky   $1.69/18 oz. jar Granny Ella’s Vanilla Wafers   $1.29/11 oz. box Wrightware Foam Plates   $1.19/40 count   Port Side Chunk Light Tuna In Water   69 cents/5 oz. can Crystal 2O Purified Drinking Water   $2.29/16.9 oz. 24 pack Coburn Farms Cream Cheese Regular or Neufchatel   99 cents/8 oz. package Home Churned Butter   Regular or Unsalted    $1.99/16 oz. tub Ginger Evans Crescent Rolls   99 cents/8 oz. tube Libby’s Pineapple Chunk, Sliced, or Crushed   99 cents/20 oz. can Save A Lot Soda Assorted Varieties   $2.29/12 pack 12 oz. cans So-Cheezy Mac & Cheese Dinner   Shells & Cheddar or Deluxe   $1.29/12-14 oz. Coburn Farms Sour Cream Regular or Light   $1.59/16 oz. tub Crisco Oil Vegetable or Canola   $2.79/48 oz. bottle Kraft Miracle Whip   $2.99/30 oz. jar Mrs. Smith’s Classic Pies Apple or Cherry    $2.99/27 oz. Nabisco Ritz Crackers Assorted Varieties   $2.49/12.9-13.7 oz. box Country Crock Spread   $2.99/45 oz. tub Betty Crocker Potato Buds   $2.99/28 oz. box Stove Top Stuffing Assorted Varieties   $1.29/6 oz. box Heinz Ketchup   $1.99/38 oz. bottle Stokely’s Cut Green Beans or Whole kernel Corn   59 cents/14.5-15.25 oz. can Keebler Fudge Shoppe Cookies Assorted Varieties   $1.99/8.5-11.5 oz. package Michelina’s Pizza Snack Rolls Pepperoni or Combination   $4.99/45 oz. package Tony’s Original Crust Pizza Pepperoni, Meat Trio, or Supreme   $1.99/12.67-14.03 oz. Pringles Potato Crisps Original, Cheddar, or Sour Cream & Onion   $1.49/5.68-5.96 oz. Hi-C Fruit Drinks Fruit Punch, Orange, or Boppin’ Strawberry   $1.99/10 count Aunt Jemima Pancake Mix or Syrup Assorted Varieties   $2.49/24-32 oz. Russet Potatoes   $2.99/10 lb. bag Fresh Red or Gold Delicious Apples   $1.99/3 lb. bag Dole Classic Salad Mix   89 cents/12 oz. package Fresh Vine Ripe Tomatoes   $1.29/ lb.     Hogg Country Kewanee Save A Lot Grocery Giveaway Items for the week of Monday, April 21st, through Friday, April 25th:    Fresh Asparagus    per pound Borden Cheese 12 oz. American Singles, Grilled Cheese Melts, or 8 oz. Shredded, Assorted Varieties   each Pepsi Products Assorted Varieties 12 oz. cans 12 packs   3 for     Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix    8.5 oz. box Save A Lot 2 Liter Soda Assorted Varieties   each       Regional Daily News 2014-04-23T08:27:08Z